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The sales associate course is the first step in obtaining a Florida real estate license. The successful completion of this 63 hour course is required to qualify to take the Florida real estate exam.

In this course, you will take a detailed look at real estate laws, principles and practice, and real estate math. All classes are taught in a dynamic, interactive fashion along with visual presentations to maximize your learning experience.

Next Course Starting on February 25th - Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm - Two weeks

Special Price: $345 $295

Instructor - Courtney Campbell

Courtney Campbell has been in the business world for over 25, years wearing many hats from Sales Manager, to VP of Sales to Financial Consultant to CEO of her own company and most recently Author. She is a proven leader in new business development. She has also had great success in sales training, as well as helping others to close deals. Courtney has outstanding leadership skills, people skills, and is known for being a creative team player and consistent producer. She has traveled all across America developing and presenting seminars on complex information in a format that is easy to understand. She has coached and counseled many affluent clients on how to build wealth, and maintaining the mindset to do so.

Courtney is an accomplished Results Coach with proven
outcome.  To achieve powerful results she asks questions and listens with the experience of someone who has authentic compassion. 
You will find she has expert observation skills, understanding, and the sureness to guide you to achieve your six figure income.
Courtney's passion is to help others achieve success. You will find her dedication addictive and that her skill to help you attain balance is second to none.




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